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Put Color Back In Your Life

(Originally published by Sterling Design in Heights Pages Spring 2017 Issue)

Did the winter freeze take the color out of your garden? Are your plants looking drab and lifeless? Now is the perfect time to start fresh. The first step is choosing the right color palette. Here are a few examples that can transform any winter-ravaged garden into a neighborhood masterpiece.


Split-Complementary Color Palette

By choosing the colors next to the one on the opposite side of the color wheel, you can add complexity while softening the contrast a bit. Colors still pop and invigorate without looking garish. Modern designs use diverse heights and shapes to add even more interest. If you like variety and want an informal, fun garden space, this approach is for you.


Victorian Complementary Color Palette

The Victorians used tones of opposing colors to achieve a serene and stately formality. The complementary colors provide drama and interest, while the muted pastel tones soften the conflict between the two. If your house exterior already has a Victorian palette, or if you want to create a formal garden space, this might be perfect for your needs.


Mid-Century Modern Monochromatic

The Mid-Century Modern aesthetic focuses on architectural simplicity and bold textures. So the best approach is to accentuate shape over color. Use a monochromatic color palette to give depth to the shadows and background. If your house has (or if you plan to install) exposed stonework or striking architectural features, this approach will harmonize with your existing (or future) shapes and forms.

There is an array of color schemes to utilize, and a rainbow of new plants waiting at the nursery to fill your garden with life. Find further inspiration through Pinterest, gardening magazines, or color theory sites like Call us at Sterling Design & Landscape Resources to talk with one of our experienced designers. We would love to help put color back into your life.

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