Sterling Design &
Landscape Resources


We do what we do like no one else does

You can find landscaping companies anywhere, but none of them can offer what we do.
When you want your shrubs trimmed and lawn mowed, feel free to call our competition. But when you seek one-of-a-kind, creative solutions to a major commercial or residential landscaping project and need an established, experienced, and professional landscaping company, that’s when you should call Sterling Design & Landscape Resources.

Our landscape consulting services will help you determine which direction to take your garden in order to best suit your needs.

Your design begins with a hand-drawn field sketch from our designer, additional scaled drawings can be added later, if requested.  An estimate is produced and then everything is presented to you for your consideration and approval.

We know how important your time and project are to you which is why we listen to your concerns and quickly respond to your questions

“Before creating Sterling Design, I had over 29 years of experience working for Cornelius Nurseries. I managed their landscape department for 11 of those years. Calloway’s Nursery purchased Cornelius in 2002. The Calloway’s corporation decided to close the Cornelius landscape department in Houston to focus on retail sales. We parted ways on good terms and they allowed me to keep our established customer base. This gave me the opportunity to open my own landscape design company.” – Frank Mahy, Owner

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