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Freeze Recovery Rules

The following is from an article posted by Randy Lemmon of “GardenLine with Randy Lemmon”

How to Save Your Plants From Summer Scorch

We’re slowly heading into fall, but those cooler temperatures are still a while off. If your garden is looking a little sun-baked, we’ve got just the right treatments to give them a bit of emergency Tender Loving Care. And now is a great time to get your garden ready for fall by guarding against weeds.…

Attack the Creepy-Crawlies

If you treat your lawn properly, you’ll get control of the creepy-crawlies before they can turn your lawn into Blight of the Living Dead.

How To Rescue Your Garden After a Flood – Part One

In the aftermath of a flood, the health of the garden probably doesn’t rank highly in most people’s priority list, however, a few timely actions will vastly improve your garden’s prospects for recovery, and keep you healthy at the same time! 1.      Take Photographs One of the best things you can do after a heavy…

How To Rescue Your Garden After a Flood – Part Two

We have less control over our plants during prolonged periods of rain or flooding than during drought. Unless they are in movable containers, there is little we can do except wait for the weather to change. (Once it does, the first thing to do is to follow the safety tips located here: Safety First! ) Then it…

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